Dr. Rieser and his staff provide psychiatric services for patients.


Dr. Rieser is also the Medical Director for Ridge Hospital in Lexington.

Michael J. Rieser, MD, PSC       

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As of August 8, 2014, my outpatient office has CLOSED.

I am am still working, and can be found at

Ridge Outpatient Services

3050 Rio Dosa Drive

Suite 230

Lexington, Kentucky 40509


Office Phone 859-268-6410

FAX 859-268-6473

Regarding Email to Dr. Rieser: Private practice patients are generally discouraged from using Email because of the potential lack of privacy. Email servers are not usually secure. However, I check my Email regularly, and I have had some wonderful exchanges with many of you. For any kind of urgent or important message, however, the only way to reach me safely is to call on the phone.